WordPress SEO Services

We specialize in optimizing WordPress websites through on-page SEO, page speed improvement and website error correction. Our SEO specialists have a thorough knowledge in the WordPress platform and know what it takes to rank your site for your desired keywords.

What's Included In Our WordPress SEO Services?

Keyword Analysis & Report

We'll start by looking at your desired keywords and how your already ranking for those. We'll then research any additional keyword phrases and prepare a report with our suggestions.

Install & Setup Necessary Tools

We'll set you up with tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, page speed plugins and Yoast SEO. In addition, we'll optimize the settings in each of these tools.

Optimize Your Meta Tags

Meta tags play an important role in your WordPress SEO. We'll carefully choose the best Title, Description, Image and H1/H2 tags for your website and desired keywords.

Page Speed Optimization

Not only does a quick-loading website keep visitor from leaving, but Google now uses it as a ranking factor. We'll optimize your page speed so that your website loads lightning fast.

Wordpress Error Report & Fix

We'll identify any errors on your WordPress website that may be preventing you from ranking well and will correct them. Google loves a healthy site that is free of errors.

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